Websites for Elementary School



Social Studies


Other Interesting Websites

Matti math

Harcourt School Spelling

Hyper History Pages

Astronomy Workshop

Web Calculators

The Math Forum: Dr. Math!

Harcourt School Reading

Kids Click for Geography/History

Science World


Grammar Games

National Atlas-Make Maps!

Kids Click - Science


Game Goo

The 50 States Page

Cool Science

Web Cams for Kids!


Quiz Time – Punctuation Game

Fact Finder

Exploratorium Good animation of the solstices and equinox

EZ School

Sesame Street

OneLook Dictionary

Kids National Geographic


Primary games

PBS Kids

Kids Click Grammar

Exploring the World

Making Graphs


Matho – Basic facts, order of operation- up to 5 people can play

Spin and Spell

Animated Atlas

Popular Science


Math Glossary

Reading Comprehension

Interactive Map of US and other Brain Games

Fun Brain


Problem Solving – Cut the Knot


Dragging States to the correct position on the US map



Math Playground – Good educational value

Clean up your Grammar

Kids Port



Cool Math for Kids

“Don’t Wet the bear”

Interactive Web site links to other links such as the White House



Mental Math

Magnetic Poetry

Bensguide good site for learing basic organizations national and community



Subtraction Machine

Stories for students to read

The Learning Planet



Math Dictionary

Alphabetizing machine, puzzles

Geosense –you have to locate the given city/country on a world map



Multiplication Machine

Go Grammar

Organ Trail



Division Machine

EZschool alphabet recognition




Multiplication Practice

Spelling city




Teaching Tables

Word Clouds




Rounding Numbers





Printable Worksheets










Online Basic Skills Game





Tony Fraction’s Pizza Shop





 PBS kids